The Quiraing

The Quiraing is part of the Trotternish ridge, a series of landslips in the north of Skye. It is the only landslip on this ridge which is still moving, meaning the road running along its base frequently requires repairs. The Quiraing is home to several well-known landmarks including The Needle, a large rock structure standing at 120ft, and The Prison, which is located to the south west of the needle and forms a castle-like wall.

The landscape is spectacular, truly a photographer’s dream. It has been the backdrop for many films including Snow White and the Huntsman and the BFG.

The parking area at the start of the hike is in the process of being extended and is always busy during the summer months and well into the autumn.

The hike itself takes you across the face of the landslip, and while it is not particularly steep, the terrain underfoot can be tough and unstable in places. Once you reach the Prison the path splits and you have a number of options: you can continue up the scree slope between the prison and the Needle, climb up and over the Prison or walk around the front of the prison where you will have spectacular views across Staffin Bay. All paths meet up on the other side and you can follow any of the paths in reverse to get back to where you came from.

The weather on Skye can be unpredictable so keep this in mind when planning this hike, we recommend you bring the correct gear for the conditions and check the forecast before you set out as the weather on Skye can be unpredictable.