Talisker Beach

Talisker beach is a beautiful beach made up of sand and rocks on the west coast of Skye. It is surrounded by tall vertical cliffs, all making this a more picturesque scene and the perfect picnic spot. It’s sand is a blend of black and white which is best seen at low tide. As you look out to sea, on your right is waterfall reaching from the very top of the cliff to the sea below. During windy and bad weather this waterfall has been known to flow upwards in a surreal display.

The car park is little more than a layby at the end of a steep and windy single track road, roughly 1.5km from the beach. During the summer months this can become crowded due to its size and the popularity of the beach. The beach itself is easily accessible by a track leading from the car park, through a farm yard (so keep your dogs on a lead), and directly to the beach.

To return to the car park follow the same route back.