Neist Point

Neist Point is a viewpoint on the most westerly point of Skye. It is home to the Neist Point Lighthouse since 1909 and provides visitors with stunning views in all directions.

The road to Neist Point is steep in places and has a number of potholes and blind corners so take care while driving. Like many places in Skye, the car park has recently been extended to help cope with the growing demand of visitors.

The hike is relatively short but can be physically demanding due to the steepness of the path. It begins with a descent down a steep cliff face, aided by steps, this is the easy part but keep in mind you will be returning along this route later! As you climb up the next section, pause and take a look back at the island, there are some fantastic views and photograph opportunities. The last section of the path leads you down to Neist Point Lighthouse and beyond this you will find a rock formation similar to the Giant’s causeway in Northern Ireland.

Animals such as whales, dolphins, porpoises and basking sharks can often be seen from this view point.

Follow the path back across the hill and up the cliff face to get back to the car park.