Fairy Pools

The world famous fairy pools are a series of cascading blue and green waterfalls located in the west of Skye. Legend has it that fairies used bathe in the pools, although now it is more some of the braver visitors. Every few meters of this place presents a fantastic photo opportunity so it is no surprise the pools are usually teeming with visitors.

The car park is located within a 20 minute walk of the pools and is currently in the process of being extended to help cope with the growing number of visitors.

The hike itself is surprising accessible compared to some of the other hikes on Skye. On leaving the car park there is a well made path running downhill towards the bottom of the fairy pools. Once you reach the bottom there is a small river crossing with a couple of stepping stones, this can become difficult after heavy rainfall. Once across you begin the ascent towards the mountains in the background, there is another river crossing with a few stepping stones (see pictures). The pools themselves are located a couple hundred meters up towards the mountains, with some of the more spectacular pools a bit further up. The track gets rougher the further you go but is generally kept in a good condition.

To get back to the car park you go back along the same route.